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The Network of English-Speaking Women

was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing a forum for communication and exchange between English-speaking women in and around Freiburg, Germany. By putting women in contact with one another and encouraging the exchange of information and experience – both personal and professional – the Network offers fun and informative evenings in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Our Next Meeting:

Friday, November 18th at 7:30 pm 

Invaluable medical aid for refugees thanks to ’Refudocs’  

Thousands of men and women have had to flee the inconceivable brutality of war in so many countries, where hospitals and schools are deliberately being destroyed, leaving behind their relatives, belongings, and the very fabric of their lives. Awaiting a final decision on their asylum applications, thousands of
refugees now living in Freiburg have limited access to the German health care system. ‘Refudocs’ is an association of some 30 doctors in Freiburg who originally started administering vaccinations in temporary accommodation in and around Freiburg where several hundred people live in confined spaces.

These humanitarian doctors felt the need to offer quick, nonbureaucratic help, independent of the existing medical care structure, and so the non-profitorganisation "Refudocs e.V." was born.

Chairman Dr Roland Fressle, paediatrician, neonatologist, and avid Australia fan, will give us an insight into the unprecedented work being carried out by the ‘Refudocs’ team which, in addition to vaccinations, is now offering weekly consultations in several shelters in the Freiburg area.

If you want to join us please register with Krissy by November 16th at